Dr. Sonja Würtemberger


Change Consultant – Agile Business Coach – HR Interim Manager

Curriculum vitae

My focus topics are HR transformation, personnel strategy, strategic personnel controlling, change management and communication. As an executive and expert in an international auditing company and a DAX group, I was able to build on and deepen my knowledge over many years. Whether in London or Landau, whether locally or in a virtual environment, I can apply and pass on all my experience.

Good to know:

  • HR Excellence Award 2015 in the category Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Training as Change Business Expert at the Kienbaum Academy
  • Lecturer at DHBW and FOM University for Applied Sciences for Economics and Management
  • Certified Agile Business Coach (Chamber of Commerce / IHK Heilbronn)

During my studies of literature and linguistics as well as my doctorate in medieval studies, I intensively dealt with language and what it does or can do with us. Literature and distant times often hold a mirror up to us better than we initially think. In times of change, people have always had to prepare themselves to find a new place, to be able to prove themselves anew and to be allowed to do so.

We are a circle of highly qualified, Independent advisors

Digital Transformation

The exertion of new technology and change often sounds simple and effortless from digital evangelists or linkedin pharisees but when you break it down to your own business it is in no way. To find the right fit takes careful investigation from multiple angles e.g. your customer’s expectation, internal organization, IT complexity and costs.

Dr. Stephan Ludwig is a professional business analyst and conceptual designer with 12 years’ experience in business consulting. His background combines a Math PhD from world’s elite universities, over 12 years of business & IT consulting and social engagements as pastor and non-profit founder.


Leadership Communications & Marketing

The success of projects, companies and individuals increasingly depends on the ability to position oneself strategically and to motivate other stakeholders to participate on the basis of sound expertise. This success is achieved through effective internal and external communication, the formation of new networks and the use of knowledge advantages.

 Andreas Scheuermann is a communications expert and specializes in the strategic positioning of top executives from companies and NGOs.

Randolf Jessl is an experienced media manager, trained journalist, expert in thought leadership and executive coach.

Together they founded the consulting agency AUCTORITY in 2017.